5 Reasons to Get a Home Inspection Before Purchasing a Home

Now that you've chosen your ideal property in the beautiful Hamptons, it's time to book the home inspection. Contrary to popular belief, a home inspection is recommended even if the house is newly constructed.

Here, we'll discuss why getting a home inspection is so important and what it entails. You'll also discover valuable tips for choosing the right inspection company for you and your family.

Why home inspections are essential in the Hamptons

Buyers are not required to attend the home inspection; however, you'll benefit from viewing the house through an inspector's eyes. Your presence at the home inspection allows you to ask specific questions so you don't wonder about the final report's findings. To steer clear of unexpected costs post-move-in, set up an inspection.

It's also an excellent strategy when negotiating with the seller for repairs or updates or even walking away without repercussions if it's not the right fit. In other words, getting a home inspection when buying a home in the Hamptons is one of the wisest decisions you can make — you'll be at peace knowing that your potential forever home is in excellent condition and could save you money in the long run.

What is your inspector evaluating?

Most people are familiar with a standard home inspection, which visually examines the property's condition and potential problems.

A home inspector reviews the house's condition, which can take several hours to conclude, depending on the house's size and accessibility. The inspector will survey all areas the seller has access to. Water is run in the bathrooms and kitchen to check the plumbing for leaks and ensure pipes and fixtures are in good condition, while an electric inspection can reveal any potential risks with wiring.

When buying a house you intend to use as your principal residence, you must check the Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning (HVAC) system. This inspection can help detect any potential issues with the flow of heating, cooling, humidity, and air quality throughout the home.

If you're purchasing a property on the waterfront, the inspector will see if all the proper water-resistant materials are in place. They'll also ensure you're safe from the ocean shore and check for any signs of water damage. These considerations are essential to guarantee that the property is structurally sound.

How to hire a home inspector in the Hamptons

When hiring a home inspector in the Hamptons, there are a few key things you'll want to look for to make sure you've found the right one.

First and foremost, your inspector should be licensed and have extensive hands-on experience with coastal properties; after all, they can face unique damage due to the proximity of the water. New York State requires inspectors to complete a minimum of 100 house inspections under the supervision of a licensed New York State inspector or a licensed New York State engineer.

Please inquire about the specific homes they've inspected and the extent of their educational background. While it's not required, some home inspectors have specialized certificates in other areas, such as construction, pest control, and mold remediation, which can be a real asset, especially if your potential new home is on the waterfront.

In addition to that, ask to read some of the reviews written by past clients. Feedback from previous clients will foreshadow what to expect regarding customer service and whether or not the inspector takes the time to listen to their client's concerns.

What to anticipate on the day of the home inspection

Think of your home inspector as one of your advocates during the home-buying process. Your safety is their primary concern, and they promote one-on-one conversation, so you gain insight into the property's foundation. The inspector will communicate any problems, ensuring you understand the current home condition you're interested in purchasing.

Anticipate the inspector to use a checklist and take pictures from all angles of the property - inside and outside. They'll indicate which items in the home need to be replaced or repaired.

A few days after the inspection, you will receive a report detailing their findings and any recommendations for further action. This valuable information will help you make a rational decision about whether or not to purchase the home.

Steps after the inspection report

Now that you've inspected your home, it's time to review the results with your real estate agent. They can answer any lingering questions and help you decide which repairs to prioritize and which are cosmetic. Depending on the inspection results, you may have some leverage to negotiate with the seller.

For example, if the home inspector determines that the roof needs to be replaced, you can ask the seller to repair it or give you credit at closing. If there are major problems with the home, you're not obligated to continue the deal, thanks to the Inspection clause.

Most importantly, it would be best to walk away from the inspection understanding your options before deciding. A pre-purchase home inspection is a small investment, roughly $300- $500, that can save you a lot of money, frustration, and time.

Final thoughts

If you're contemplating a home in the Hamptons, it's essential to schedule a home inspection to protect your investment. Catching any potential problems with the property before you close the deal ensures your enjoyment in your new home. Work with a trusted and experienced home inspector and feel confident that your inspection is done correctly and that you get the most value for your money.

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