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The Hamptons

6 Reasons to Work With the Lori Schiaffino Team When Selling Hamptons Real Estate

The Hamptons are among the most affluent and highly desirable locales for homeowners as well as real estate investors. If you are sitting on a piece of property in the Hamptons that you would like to sell, you are undoubtedly concerned with maximizing your returns and finding a skilled real estate agent. It is only natural to have apprehensions about liquidating such a large and valuable investment, and you will want the help of a local realtor who understands this. Here are six reasons to work with the Hamptons realtors at the Lori Schiaffino Team (LST) when you are ready to sell your Hamptons real estate.

1. Decades of experience

When you are deciding upon a real estate agent to assist you with the sale of your home, experience should be one of your first criteria. Of course, any New York State licensed realtor could legally sell your home, but you wouldn’t want just anyone handling a multi-million-dollar sale in a unique area like the Hamptons. What sets the Lori Schiaffino Team apart is years of local experience with top-tier homes. As a real estate advisor, Lori herself has over 25 years of experience advising families and real estate investors internationally as well as locally. Lori is also a licensed FINRA representative, which contributes to her financial savvy. As the lead real estate advisor for LST, Lori works alongside several other highly qualified, elite real estate salespersons with decades of combined experience in business and real estate. The team specializes full-time in helping real estate investors buy and sell homes for sale in the Hamptons.

2. Track record of results

When you are selling your Hamptons real estate, you want to be sure that it is in good hands. Real estate prices have risen massively over time in this area. You want the best possible sale price for your home, and you need a real estate team that can handle big transactions. The Lori Schiaffino Team has closed some of the highest-priced real estate transactions in the Hamptons. LST boasts a great track record of moving East Hamptons homes for sale, including the largest ever in 2017, in addition to closing the largest in the Hamptons in 2015. The Wall Street Journal ranked the Lori Schiaffino Team #8 in New York State for 2021. This ranking is especially significant given the high concentration of top-dollar properties in New York State, which includes upstate, New York City, and Long Island.
To sample the amazing track record of Lori and her team, check out LST’s portfolio of past transactions. You can see that the team has sold many multi-million-dollar properties throughout the Hamptons, with numerous others currently listed.
While you can tell a lot just by looking at the numbers, past clients provide one of the best sources of information about a real estate agent. If you take a look at LST’s testimonials page, you can see numerous glowing reviews and recommendations from past clients, including both buyers and sellers.

3. Specializing in the Hamptons

The Hamptons are a unique area, unlike any other in the United States. This is a very affluent region with some of the most highly valued real estate in the country. When selling property in the Hamptons, you will want the guidance of a real estate agent who specializes in the area. LST works extensively with homes for sale in the Hamptons, including Amagansett, Sag Harbor, Southampton, and East Hampton homes for sale. Check out LST’s current listings to see the kind of luxury estates included in their exclusive listings.

4. Personalized attention

LST understands the importance of getting your home sold, as well as the stress that you may be feeling about the process. They do not simply list your home and then sit back. Lori and her team go the extra mile, not only to get your home sold but also to help you stay organized and in control throughout the process.
You have a lot to think about when selling a home. There is the process of staging, photographing, and listing your home, which is quite a lot of effort just to get started. There is also the need to set an asking price, consider offers, and negotiate with prospective buyers. LST will guide you through each and every step of the way with comprehensive planning and execution. LST offers concierge services to keep you stress-free and organized down to the last detail.

5. Dedication to ethical standards

With the increasing popularity of real estate as a profession, you have many choices when it comes to finding and working with a realtor. Unless you are very experienced in real estate, it can be difficult at first to determine what separates one real estate agent from another unless you are familiar with industry standards. LST is registered with the National Association of Realtors (NAR), which is the largest and most prominent trade association in the real estate industry. NAR members agree to uphold the organization’s rigorous Code of Ethics, which guides their practices, disclosures, and client communications within the real estate industry.
NAR members also have access to copious resources and training. The organization provides a variety of market research and other information that helps realtors to understand current market conditions as well as general best practices in real estate. You can easily recognize a NAR member by the REALTOR® logo, which frequently appears at the bottom of a member’s webpage. By working with a NAR member firm, you have assured the highest level of commitment to ethics in the industry.

6. It’s easy to get started

Getting in touch with the Lori Schiaffino team is as easy as navigating to their website and clicking “Contact Us.” You can use the Lori Schiaffino Team’s site to learn about the seasoned professionals on the team, the comprehensive services that they provide, and their excellent track record of results. Lori and her team will consult with you, get an idea of your goals, and then help you accomplish those goals in the most expedient and seamless way possible. Buy or sell Sag Harbor, Southampton, and East Hampton homes with confidence by putting LST’s experience, expertise, and commitment to work in the sale of your home. Reach out to one of the top real estate agents in The Hamptons today to start your real estate journey on the right foot.

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