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7 Summer Activities in Montauk

Montauk is like no other Hamptons destination.

Situated on the eastern, scenic shores of Long Island, Montauk has access to a remote coastline, natural preserves, and seaside vistas on every side. Whether you’re interested in exploring the Hamptons as a whole or want to get to know Sag Harbor real estate, you should dedicate some time to exploring Montauk’s natural beauty.

Well known for its pristine beaches and historic community, it’s almost impossible to be bored when spending time in this seaside village. For tourists and potential Montauk homeowners, below are seven activities to help you stay busy in Montauk this summer.

1. Montauk Point State Park

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If you do a quick Google search of Montauk, you’re likely to see the famous lighthouse at the end of the peninsula. Luckily for you, this beautiful, scenic landscape is open to the public. The Montauk Point State Park is a great place for families to sit by the water or enjoy a peaceful hike. Surrounded by glacial deposits and marshland, you’ll find this point of the village to be stoic and serene. And if kicking it back to relax isn’t your thing, you can always head to the beach for surfing, fishing, or a swim.

2. Hither Hills State Park

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Hither Hills State Park spans nearly 110 miles down Long Island, and puts rival Hamptons views to shame. This grandiose, sandy attraction is a remnant of the last ice age and is a local favorite with good reason. With numerous dunes and hiking trailers, the exploration never has to end in Hither Hills State Park. The best part about Montauk’s parks is that most are situated back to back, stretching all along the water—making for easy exploration.

3. Ditch Plains

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Aside from hiking trails, Montauk is home to some of the best beaches in New York. As the village trends upward each year, you can expect to see more visitors come by for a beach getaway. Ditch Plains is where you’ll likely find them—hidden away in the sand. Rated five stars by many tourists, this popular beach is the village’s hottest surfing and bodyboarding area. Excellent for a solo getaway or a family fun-filled day, you can never go wrong with Ditch Plains.

4. Star Island Yacht Club and Marina

Photo courtesy of Pexels
Loved by tourists and locals alike, Star Island Yacht Club and Marina is a must-see destination. Each year, the site attracts hundreds of fishermen and boaters. Regardless of if you have your own boat to dock, you can enjoy access to an extensive fleet of charter boats and peaceful seating areas. Not to mention, it’s home to the famous annual shark tournament, another tourist favorite.

5. Camp Hero State Park

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Montauk is home to a plethora of historic sites, including many with a connection to WW2. Camp Hero State Park has a long involvement in US military history, with 415 acres of diverse landscape remaining to remember the area’s history. While the site is great for learning a bit about US history and paying respect, it’s best reserved for adults, as the steep hills and rocky cliffs could be dangerous for small children.

6. Deep Hollow Ranch

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Aside from its scenic views, Montauk is also known for its local farming culture and historic estates. The oldest ranch in the US, Deep Hollow Ranch is a must-visit site for connecting with the heritage of Montauk—and the nation. Beyond touring the grounds and meeting the livestock, Deep Hollow Ranch also offers horseback riding on the beach.

7. Montauk Brewing Company

You can’t visit Montauk without stopping by the Montauk Brewing Company. Known for its quality brews and laid-back atmosphere, tourists and locals adore this brewery. Breweries are deeply entwined in Montauk’s historic culture and community, and the local product is connected to hundreds of years of craftsmanship. With numerous flights of seasonal flavors to indulge in, you can kick back and relax with the friendly crowd at the Montauk Brewing Company.

Hunting for Montauk homes for sale?

Aside from hikes and beach getaways, Montauk’s village is rich in culture and historic attractions. From exploring the area’s popular breweries to visiting a local museum, there’s a bit of everything for both kids and adults. Montauk is situated in the perfect place to enjoy all the excitement the Hamptons have to offer, without being too far from New York City. These attractions and more make Montauk an ideal place to call home—or to invest in luxury real estate.

When you’re ready to make the move, reach out to the local Montauk real estate experts at the Lori Schiaffino team for guidance.
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