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8 Reasons Why People Love Luxury Living in the Hamptons

While the Hamptons often act as the backdrop for splashy paparazzi photos showing celebs out and about, the area’s attractions tend to be far more refined and discreet. The East End lures residents to some of the priciest real estate in the world with an intricate combination of prestige, natural beauty, and recreational options. Luxury living in the Hamptons is both aspirational and inspirational.

An address that carries weight

Having a Hamptons address affords homeowners an unrivaled level of cachet. If you invite family, friends, or business acquaintances to a dinner party at your Bridgehampton home on a breezy summer evening, everyone will show up.

The East End is well-known for large, sprawling estates carefully tucked away behind manicured hedges. The privacy of a luxury Hamptons property affords an air of exclusivity that is nearly unrivaled on the East Coast.
In recent years, luxury living in the Hamptons has increasingly drawn interest from outside the New York area, including prospective buyers from Europe, the West Coast, and Florida, signifying that the area is only becoming more attractive on a global scale.

Miles of pristine coastline

Photo Courtesy of Out East, Pike’s Beach
The East End is synonymous with images of the sun and light playing off the water, and the oceanside location is, of course, a significant part of the Hamptons’ allure. Although the beaches are far removed from the hustle and bustle of, say, the Jersey Shore, beaches in the Hamptons do get their fair share of sunbathers and swimmers. However, residents know how to find stretches of sand that attract less foot traffic.

Pike's Beach, for example, is a white-sand destination reserved for use by Town of Southampton permit holders. The clear water is rarely overcrowded, meaning there is space for bathers, surfers, and fishing hobbyists. A concession truck in the beach’s parking lot offers yummy treats like ice cream.

Beachgoers looking for more of a scene sometimes trek out to Cupsogue Beach County Park. The barrier beach has a food stand offering seafood and drink specials, and live music performances are standard in the summer.

However, the pinnacle of luxury living in the Hamptons is a house with exclusive waterfront access. Properties on Georgica Pond in East Hampton, for example, have both easy proximity to the ocean and offer coveted waterfront living on the peaceful pond.

High-key cool

While privacy is important to Hamptons residents, there are also plenty of places to see and be seen. One aspect of luxury living in the Hamptons with widespread appeal is visiting trendy businesses and restaurants.
Photo Courtesy of Travel Curator, Gurney’s Montauk Resort & Seawater Spa
Gurney's Montauk Resort & Seawater Spa is a well-known hot spot for those searching for relaxation and pampering. The fitness-minded often choose to increase their heart rates at  SoulCycle, which has several locations in the Hamptons. Meanwhile, the Surf Lodge in Montauk is a quintessentially cool place to grab a bite to eat or enjoy a cocktail. The beach bar, restaurant, and hotel are popular with locals and visitors for their outdoor summer concert series.
Photo Courtesy of Travel + Leisure, The Surf Lodge

Anchors away

Photo Courtesy of Rumba
Residents of the Hamptons prize proximity to all things aquatic, and the East End is popular among boaters. Local boat owners dock at Three Mile Marina in East Hampton and set sail to nearby locales such as Sag Harbor, Greenport, Orient Point, Shelter Island, and Block Island.

There are also many opportunities to rent a boat in the area. For example, the Yacht Hampton Boating Club has many yachts that members can pick from and use for a day trip.

Leaving the city behind

Hamptons residents put 100 miles between themselves and midtown Manhattan, and the charming main streets, bucolic beaches, and salty air make it feel even further away.

Many homeowners find the natural beauty and rural, coastal ruggedness to be the ultimate expression of luxury living in the Hamptons. The area has always had a reputation as the place to own a home to get away from it all. Living in the Hamptons means you’re close enough to the action of the big city when you want it, yet far enough to leave it all behind when you don’t.

Nothing could feel further from a city skyscraper than a gracious beach house geared toward rest and relaxation. For many, this sense of calm is priceless.

Family-friendly communities

There is much more to the Hamptons than exclusive parties or relaxing getaways. Many of its residents come with families in tow, and finding kid-friendly activities is paramount. There is no shortage of cultural, historical, and recreational activities geared towards children.

The Children’s Museum of the East End has hands-on, interactive activities that children of all ages to enjoy. The museum is open year-round and offers a variety of engaging classes, family events, and activities for a range of age groups. Children can take art and dance classes and join the Lego Club, a STEM program that teaches children science and engineering concepts using Legos. There is also a Teen Service Program with internships for high school students.
Photo Courtesy of SKOLNICK Architecture + Design
Boots on the Ground Theater is a theater troupe with a historical bent for children and families more focused on the arts. The theater company collaborates with local organizations, historical societies, libraries, and museums to entertain and educate its audiences. Boots on the Ground also offers student workshops, outreach programs, and auditions.

Equestrian events and facilities

Photo Courtesy of The Hampton Classic Horse Show
Polo matches, horse shows, and classical dressage training are part of luxury living in the Hamptons. The area has a long history with horses and is replete with stables, polo fields, and equestrian events. One such event is The Hampton Classic Horse Show. The Bridgehampton show touts itself as "one of the country's most prestigious hunter-jumper horse shows” and is a premier destination for top competitors and equestrian spectators.

Of course, there are more simple ways to enjoy horses in the Hamptons, such as via beach rides or horseback riding lessons pitched at all levels and abilities

Investment properties with upside

The real estate market in the Hamptons has rarely shown signs of weakness, and recent years have cemented its status as one of the most competitive places to buy a house in the country, with demand far outpacing supply. Hamptons homeowners generally have few worries about property values decreasing over time.

Buyers who target the Hamptons for rental-generating investments have also enjoyed tremendous upside. This season, rental rates are topping the charts, with some asking for more than $1 million per month.

Whether you’re searching for the beach home of your dreams or an investment property that will generate income for years to come, the help of trusted real estate professionals can prove invaluable. Working with agents familiar with the intricacies of Hamptons real estate can save you time, money, and the mountain of headaches you could experience while trying to go at it alone.

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