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8 Ways to Impress Home Buyers with Your Home Staging

Are you selling your real estate in East Hampton, NY, and wondering how you can make your home stand out from the competition? Staging is one of the most surefire ways to impress home buyers. A staged home can sell faster and even for 25% more than those without. Read on for eight easy ways to elevate your home staging to the next level.

1. Hire a professional cleaning company

Perhaps one of the most underrated (and most important!) home staging tips is to clean it. Consider hiring a professional cleaning company with experience working with luxury properties in East Hampton, NY. Even after weekly extensive deep cleanings, it can still help to have a professional go over your space. A professional cleaning crew has the skills, experience, and tools to locate and remove certain stains and debris, even those that are not immediately apparent. For example, your home might appear spotless until you spot a few fingerprints on your windows. A professional cleaning company can help remove that, along with all the little details on the micro level. As an added perk, you can even use a professionally cleaned home as a selling point to attract as many interested Hamptons buyers as possible.

2. Declutter your home

One thing that turns off many buyers is clutter. While the goal is to declutter, you don’t want to remove everything. Go from room to room and simply remove the excess. Pack up the photographs, mementos, valuables, furniture, and other items you wish to move to your new home. Donate, sell, or throw away the rest. Consider keeping some high-quality furnishings and rearranging those pieces to create a space buyers can easily navigate.

3. Define every space

An important rule in home staging is that every room, space, nook, and cranny needs to be defined. When buyers walk through a home with unused spaces under floating staircases or corners, they will wonder what they could be used for. It could even indicate that the home is not very space efficient. To avoid this scenario, give every space a function. If you have recently redesigned your attic, consider converting it into a functional office space. Or, add a comfortable settee and table under the floating staircase. Buyers can imagine their future lives in your home when every space has a purpose. Show buyers what every space can be used for, and then allow them to fill in the blanks with their imagination.

4. Paint, paint, paint

The easiest way to give your space a new look is by painting the walls and ceilings. Or, if you have wallpaper, consider tearing it down and painting it. There is a chance that the wallpaper pattern might not appeal to every buyer. Instead, paint the walls and ceiling with a neutral color. For your East Hampton, NY, home, neutral colors such as beiges, whites, and grays are usually excellent for creating an atmosphere that is light, airy, and inviting.

5. Use mirrors to maximize space

A goal that every home stager should keep in mind is creating more space visually and physically. An easy way to achieve this is by using mirrors. A well-placed mirror can bring more light in, reduce clutter, enlarge the space, and act as a decorative element. Consider adding mirrors above fireplaces and tables and behind sofas to add more depth and dimension. By strategically adding mirrors to your staged home, you will likely attract more buyers for a quick sale.

6. Do small home improvement projects to increase ROI

What many sellers want is to sell well above the asking price. Doing minor projects can increase the return on investment (ROI) and ultimately get you top dollar for your home. When first considering which projects to tackle, review your pre-inspection report. The pre-inspection report can give you an idea of what areas of your home need help making it next-level spectacular. For example, try adding a few updates to the master bath, such as installing a rain shower, repainting the vanity, or installing energy-efficient lights. You could potentially get up to a 102% ROI for a bathroom remodel. Another home improvement project to consider is replacing your garage door. When a buyer sees a garage door that looks pristine and polished, they are likely to think the same of the rest of the home. In addition, you could get an ROI of 94% for a new garage door. Your real estate agent can advise you on the best projects to get the maximum ROI for your home in East Hampton, NY.

7. Bring in natural lighting

Hamptons homes for sale are simply stunning. You can accentuate the beauty of your home by bringing in natural light. Consider opening the windows, curtains, and blinds. Your home will appear more spacious and brighter. Home buyers will also be able to see the blue waters and white sand beaches and feel the gentle waft of sea breeze coming in through the open windows. During open houses and private tours, prospective buyers will get a small but impactful glimpse into what living in East Hampton, NY, is like.

8. Don’t forget the curb appeal

Curb appeal is important. Whether prospective buyers drive (or jog) by your home or view it in photographs, they will get their first impression from the home’s facade. If the front of the home looks tidy and well-maintained, buyers will likely enter through the front doors with a positive first impression. Consider doing basic landscaping, such as mowing the lawn, trimming the hedges, and adding potted plants. You might also want to powerwash the driveway and sweep the porch. Other things you could do are repainting the mailbox and adding outdoor lights. Creating a pristine and polished exterior will make your East Hamptons home appear enchantingly beautiful to many buyers.
Want more home staging tips or are you planning on selling your luxury property in the Hamptons? Experienced real estate advisor Lori Schiaffino and her esteemed team can provide expert guidance on everything from innovative marketing strategies to creative negotiation tactics. With considerable business acumen and experience working with numerous high-profile clients, the Lori Schiaffino Team can sell your East Hampton home quickly and for top dollar!

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