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Best Hamptons beaches to enjoy

With busy lives in one of the most dynamic metropolises in the world, New Yorkers will often get away from it all out on Long Island to soak up the sun and the beach to rejuvenate from a busy life in the Big Apple. Naturally, some New Yorkers love the area so much that they invest in The Hamptons and seek out Hamptons homes for sale so they can make getting away a regular occurrence. The reputation of the Hamptons most certainly precedes it because of all the wonderful beach life awaiting, with the Atlantic Ocean literally at your feet. The Lori Schiaffino Team looks at a handful of beach opportunities for you to explore if you are considering a place of your own in the Hamptons.

Check out these gorgeous Hamptons beaches

Main Beach

Photo courtesy of Mill House Inn
The name “Main Beach” might sound generic and humdrum, but this stunning beach is a popular destination where you might just see a face or two that you recognize from somewhere famous. One of the advantages of this beach is that you can go check it out without needing to buy a parking permit, allowing you to see Hamptons homes for sale and consider it your new home away from home. If you are the active type, there is the opportunity for all kinds of activities in the area, with rentals of sporting goods popular — both extreme type sports and more mellow things such as bicycling. This beach also has a lifeguard station, public bathrooms, and showers for getting all that sand off your feet after your stroll down the waterfront.

Coopers Beach

Photo courtesy of Thrillist
In Southampton, you will find Coopers Beach, flanked by large houses and mansions that butt up against the wide beach and relaxing environment. There is no seasonal pass required to this location or Main Beach, but Coopers Beach does require a parking pass, currently at $40 per day. If you want to avoid this and get some nice outside time and healthy exercise exploring the area, you can bicycle from your hotel. This also gives you a great way to get a lay of the land and see the real estate opportunities up close and personal if you are in the market for a peace-of-mind getaway in the Hamptons. Another option, as many Long Islanders know who live most of the time in New York, is to catch the train and then catch a taxi or Uber to the beach.

Two Mile Hollow Beach

Main Beach is the place, as stated before, to be seen and recognized, but who gets away to be somewhere that is the most crowded beach in the area? What you want more than likely when you get away is to really get away! If this is more in line with your intentions, then you might want to try Two Mile Hollow Beach and look at the Hamptons from a different perspective as you are looking for Hamptons homes for sale. Although you might be delighted with all the culture that New York offers, there is also the opportunity to get a little culture here at the performing arts center at Guild Hall with exhibitions, concerts, and film.

Cupsogue Beach County Park, Westhampton Beach

A quick jaunt from Westhampton's Main Street will take you to Cupsogue Beach County Park, Westhampton Beach, where you will find, if you are lucky and there in the winter and spring months, seals reclining near the water. This is a great way to get close to nature and learn from the seals the value of relaxing and rejuvenating, which is the whole point of getting away from New York and into the Hamptons. You will also have many stories to tell once you return to New York. There is plenty on offer in the area, and most who visit will have their favorite spots to start their search for a new place.

What to do on the beach

Naturally, in a place such as the Hamptons, there are numerous opportunities to get your toes in the sand and enjoy your time there. As mentioned, bicycling is a great activity and a way to avoid any parking fees you may incur from bringing a personal vehicle that you must park. Also available are beach sports such as volleyball, surfing, playing Frisbee, picnics, swimming, and even roller-skating. Because it is an exclusive area with mansions and high-end homes, there are many amenities and accommodations that are both comfortable and convenient, such as showers and areas to clean off before making your way back to your home, hotel, or other rental.

Buying your Hamptons home

If all this beach talk has made you want to go barefoot with sand between your toes, the best thing you can do is to reach out to a real estate agent familiar with the Hamptons. They will have an idea of where the best location for you is in the Hamptons and what Hamptons homes for sale will check all of the boxes for you so that you can have your own little getaway in a serene place. Some agents specialize in this area, so after looking at all the Hamptons have to offer, make the call and start touring the homes you will call your own! Ready to take the next step? Reach out to one of the trusted agents on the Lori Schiaffino Team for expert assistance.

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